My First Weekend of Barely Spending

On Friday, I had the day off because my siblings are on March Break. All day I had two teenagers, three dogs, and a very sick boyfriend to keep track of. As a result, I didn’t spend any money. Saturday, I bought cigarettes and lunch, totaling about $21.

Today I’m at the doctors office, waiting in a cesspool of germs for my boyfriend to get checked, because I’m pretty sure Jay has strep throat. No spending yet, but the Starbucks across the parking lot is looking very tempting.

Ugh, not the best weekend I’ve ever had- but compared to the past where I was known to drop $250 in a weekend, I’m not doing too bad!

How was everyone else’s weekend?


4 responses to “My First Weekend of Barely Spending

  1. Sorry to hear he is sick! Take care of yourself. And you know, if it’s something you really, really want, have that cup of coffee at starbucks. And appreciate the deliciousness of it. I went to the gym yesterday and it was pouring rain and windy. My friend and I worked hard in class, and we went for a coffee after at starbucks, so it wasn’t about just dumping caffeine down my throat in a hurry…I savored the taste and how cozy it made me feel after. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a lot of sick people! That’s no fun!

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