I Love Finding Money

You know that awesome feeling you get when you slip on your winter jacket in November, put your hand in your pocket, and find a $20 bill? I had the equivalent yesterday.

For Christmas, I usually get a lot of gift cards along with clothes, books and some jewelry. The cards always end up thrown in the black hole that is my purse, forgotten until I clean it out.

Well, yesterday I was on my way over to Jay’s when I stopped at the gas station for some smokes. As I pulled out my debit card cringing that I’d be spending another $8.50 from my sparse chequing account, I noticed that there was a red card poking out from behind my Sephora Beauty Insider card (more on that obsession in a later post). I pulled it out, and lo and behold it was a $100 Petro Canada gift card. I had completely forgotten about it for 2 years. And what a coincidence, I was at a Petro! I almost did a jig in the parking lot. Since I buy nothing but cigarettes during the week, my balance is safe until I get paid again.

I was looking through my wallet later and found a whole bunch of other gift cards that I’m pretty sure were never used. I have a Tim Horton’s card, a Bluenotes card, a Swiss Chalet card- how the hell did I never use these? It’s currency at places I go regularly! Once I finish kicking myself, I’ll be going out this weekend and splurging guilt-free; after checking the balances of course.

I love these small victories.


2 responses to “I Love Finding Money

  1. I have a ton of gift cards that I need to use! I always forget about them.

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