April: Budget and Goals!

This is my first full month of budgeting and tracking, so I’m making the most of it.


CC1 237.83
CC2 375
Cell Phone 100
Savings 400
Personal Care 85
Taxes 173
Dental 30
Food 20
TOTAL 1420.83
Budget Totals
Total In 1551.08
Total Out -1420.83
Leftover 130.25

The personal care may puzzle you, but I ordered some stuff from my dear friend who is now an Avon lady. I buy my makeup pretty much all at once, and it lasts me the year. I’m running out of literally everything, so it’s time to stock up. The perks to this include great deals on makeup, and supporting her son, who is 5 months old. I’m getting tons of stuff I need for about $70, and I added another $15 to the budget because inevitably I’ll run out of deodorant or something, or need to get shampoo.

Also, I know I’m paying taxes, but my mom is giving me some money to offset that. Here’s the story: in order to get a refund in 2009, she wrote off all of my school expenses for university. That year, I ended up having to pay in $90. She offered to pay it, because if it wasn’t for her writing off my school stuff, I would’ve had a return (plus I had no income anyway). She sent in a cheque, but the CRA never cashed it. Therefore, the amount came off my 2010 return. When I realized I was paying in this year, she offered to give me $50 to go into my payment. Considering she owed it to me anyway (there is other stuff I paid for, feeding my siblings and such that I have never been reimbursed for), I obviously accepted.

I haven’t had a dentist appointment since 2008 (eek!), so I need to get that done on the 14th- my dentist is going to take one look at my teeth and know that I’ve been smoking for the past three years. I’m dreading that, because he’s been my dentist since I was 4 and is going to tan my hide. I need to get my eyes checked too, but I don’t have the energy for that this month, with the semester winding down- that’ll be a May expense.


  • At least 20 no-spend days (This is easier than you’d think, I’ve already had two, soon to be three)
  • No cigarettes period after Friday, April 6th
  • Start thinking about opening an RRSP this summer
  • Get through all my exams with minimal psychological scarring

4 responses to “April: Budget and Goals!

  1. Just want to say good luck on quitting smoking. If it doesn’t work this time, I highly suggest you look into champix.

    • I definitely will- I bought two cartons though, and I actually have 5 packs left. I definitely can’t smoke that much in 2 days, so Friday I’m going to take any extra smokes I have and give them to one of my co-workers- just the act of planning to quit has me mentally cutting down on how many I “need” a day, I guess. Hopefully I won’t have to go with Champix!

  2. How the heck do you get away with spending only 20 on food!?!? wow! Probably a stupid question, but is there anyway to increase your earning potential a bit? Side jobs? freelance? Just to get to your goal quicker. I know you seem really busy so maybe not.

    • I am REALLY lucky- I live with my grandfather, and he covers that for the most part. Even when I try buying my own food, he gets annoyed when I don’t eat the leftovers and buy groceries instead of eating what’s in the house. There’s always TONS there- he grew up with 11 brothers and sisters and his parents didn’t make much, so he tends to stockpile for rainy days. He went to Florida for three months last year, and all I needed to buy the whole time he was gone was lunch meat, veggies and the occasional loaf of bread. I maybe spent $150 that whole time on groceries while I was on my own.That $20 is for if I forget my lunch or grab something while I’m out on the weekend.

      As for extra income; I’m going in to work this Friday to help out with some maintenance work around the office, so I’ll be getting my regular holiday pay plus $50 for the 4 hours they have asked, and $10.25 for any extra hours over and beyond that (minimum wage in Ontario). When I get paid for that I’ll be taking that amount out of my chequing and putting it towards debt, and keeping the cash for my budget. On a regular basis, I tend to have too much going on to be able to be available whenever an employer would need me- I have tried though, and maybe someday soon I’ll be able to find something. My major problem is that my schedule fluctuates every few months because of school. As far as freelance, I wouldn’t even know where to start there! But I keep my eyes open for opportunities to make a few bucks whenever I can.

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