Lack of Free Time = More Money

On average, I’m at work/school or doing stuff related to that about 65 hours a week, 75 during exam time. That’s including commuting, studying, the works. It REALLY sucks for my social life, but it’s great for my bank account. If I’m not out, I can’t spend my money. It serves me well.

We’re 5 days into April, and this is my 5th no-spend day. I have a test tonight, so there’s no way I’ll be doing any spending today.Tomorrow I’m getting paid and paying bills, and that’s pretty much it. The only other thing I might grab would be a 6 pack of Bacardi Breezers (can you tell I like rum yet?), because Saturday morning I’m driving with M up to cottage country for the night. Her family’s cottage is really peaceful, right on the lake, and just what I need for a little bit of peace and quiet. Jay has been calling me every night since we ended things- I don’t really mind talking to him, but when I add that into the mix with exams coming up and the issues at work, my head gets so full of static that I can’t focus. I need to cut out the noise. So, we’ll just be going up to hang out by the lake, ground ourselves again, and hopefully find some calm. This is a big month for me, and I need focus.

Clearly, my goal of 20 no-spend days is not too far off if every week is like this week!

What are you guys planning on doing this weekend? Anything fun?


3 responses to “Lack of Free Time = More Money

  1. I agree. I’m super busy too. While my social life sucks right now, I have more money at least!

  2. have fun at the lake. sounds really nice and peaceful! My plans are to play as much beach volleyball as possible….will hopefully keep me out of trouble. 🙂

  3. I totally agree. I find that once you’re in busy mode it’s easier to stay there too.

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