First Card Paid Down!

I was away on the weekend, so I made my final payment on Credit Card #1 today. SWEET! I am WELL on my way to freedom. All I have now on that card is my recurring charge to World Vision, which to me is money well spent.

Now, my spending this past weekend was a LITTLE out of control. I forgot to budget with the weekend trip in mind, and we bought SOOOO much fast food, plus some liquor. Grrr. So I’m way over budget there. That’s alright, because I still had a fabulous time and I feel a lot more peace than before, so I guess it was worth it. At least this time I didn’t go into debt for it, right? Next weekend I’m holing up in my house or the library and studying for exams/writing my business plan for my management course, so I won’t be spending period. Thank god for that!

As far as the smoking; I had more packs left over than I thought I would. So I smoked a pack a day up until Saturday, justifying it by not wasting money. Then yesterday I only had four. Today I’m sitting at one, and that one made me feel sick to my stomach. I will not be having another, because I don’t really feel like throwing up all over my desk today. So although I didn’t hit my target of stopping by Friday, I’m still not doing all that bad considering I used to be out every hour on the dot lighting up.

How was everyone else’s weekend?


8 responses to “First Card Paid Down!

  1. Good job on the card payment.

    And STOP smoking girl!

  2. Good job on the card!

  3. Congrats on paying down that card! Do not be discouraged for smoking past your quit date. Just remember that just because you smoke one cigarette does not mean you can/should smoke more. The first time I quit(ish) this mentality helped me a lot.

  4. Congrats on paying off your first card! That’s a great first step and you should be proud of yourself. And I agree with Michelle!

  5. Congrats! Sometimes you will spend money when you don’t want to (and feel UGH about it) but as long at you know it and curtail it I think it’s okay. 🙂

    For us, we’re going to have to do a lot of gift giving in the next two months, which I am definitely not looking forward to. I don’t mind giving gifts but it gets pricey.

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