Quick (Very Long Overdue) Update!

Hello my lovely readers!

I am extremely sorry for missing so much time! Unfortunately, at work, it has been insane. School hasn’t been a cakewalk either. However, I’m hoping to start blogging again full-force by the end of next week. Although I’ve been absent from updating, I have been lurking and reading posts in the personal finance world. In the meantime, I thought I’d drop in quickly to give you an update on my debt payments since it’s been quite a long time.

Since April 19th I have paid $1591.63 on credit card #2. I now have a balance of $1460.24. This is the lowest my credit card balance has been since September of 2011. By July 1st I hope to have a balance of about $550 (accounting for interest), by which time payments will have to slow down a bit because of a very exciting development that I will explain the next time I post.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Quick (Very Long Overdue) Update!

  1. congrats for doing so great on paying down the card!! Can’t wait to hear about the new development!

  2. Welcome back, and congrats on the debt repayment.

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