Exciting New Development (that some of you might kick me for)

It turns out, I won’t be able to get my net worth to $5000 this year. It’ll have to be a two year thing.

Why? Because I’m moving out on my own.

I understand that savings are important- however, the internal factors that I was worried about with my company have lifted, I know I’m secure, and frankly it’s time for me to get out on my own and for my grandfather to get his guest-room back, especially since he might end up selling the house in the next year or so. I’d like to do this now of my own accord and have the time to find a place that’s right for me, rather than be scrambling and have to take what’s available.

It won’t be “on my own”, specifically- my friend M had to move out of her place because her roommates were violent and not conducive to her lifestyle as a student. She’s going to university in the city just east of where I live now, and we decided to get an apartment together. We have very similar lifestyles. Neither of us want people in and out of the apartment during the week, we’re both students, we pay our bills, and we’re both anal about keeping common areas clean but more lax about bedrooms. Just the way I like it- my kitchen is spotless but my room is a mess.

Since M was off school for a couple of weeks, she went hunting while I was at work and sent me photos of each place and information. She found an apartment in the area we wanted, for a price that worked well for us. We’ll even have a brand new fridge. I did the budgeting, and I can afford it. The rent is $875, so $437.50 a month for me. That’s less than what I spent on my credit card bills every month (roughly $600).We will only be paying hydro, which is easy to control to a degree, especially because the building’s managers pay for the heat. Anyways, we move in July 15th, so that’s why I’m paying the debt so aggressively. Since June 1st I’ve literally been on a cash diet of about $60 a pay after contributing to my savings for rent/furniture and paying my credit card; it’ll continue until I move in. All I can say is thank god that June is a 3 pay month. Instead of buying lunch every day, once a week I’ve been buying a loaf of bread and some lunch meat and leaving it in the fridge at work, so that I have NO excuse. The only things I have bought as a luxury were two books from Amazon (on sale for 30% off, no shipping costs, and paid off on the credit card immediately) that I’ve wanted to read since I heard about them. They were my presents to myself for my other triumph.

After a month long relapse, I have finally quit smoking for good and am 6 days smoke-free, on the patch to make sure I succeed this time, and I’m not missing it at all. I have much more energy, I sleep better (except when I fall asleep with the patch on- serious nightmares there), I smell better, I don’t wake up in the middle of the night hacking and struggling to breathe, and I’m not hemorrhaging money at $10 a day. My only really strong cravings are when I get really stressed, like in traffic or before tests, but that’s why I also have the nicotine gum. I don’t treat it as candy, but it’s there when I need it.

So, that’s what’s been going on for me! I’m really excited to be starting a new chapter of my life. What have you guys been up to?


6 responses to “Exciting New Development (that some of you might kick me for)

  1. Sounds like things are going well! And good job on not smoking

  2. Congrats on all your good news.

    (I actually abandoned my other blog—theamalgamated—and decided to just focus on this stuff in my new username.)

  3. good luck with the move. Sounds like a new start. And hope you do well with the not smoking. What books did you get?

    • Thank you! I’m on day 10 without smoking and day 3 with no patch or gum whatsoever.

      I got The President’s Club and I Suck At Girls (by Justin Halpern, the author of Shit My Dad Says). I already started The President’s Club and it’s so interesting. It almost reads like historical fiction, but it’s obviously not imagined. If your library has it I’d definitely recommend it. I haven’t started I Suck At Girls, but the author is hilarious so I’m looking forward to having some time to pick it up.

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