Oh so close, and yet so far

It’s T-minus 34 days until we move into our apartment, and I’m still reeling as far as how much stuff there is to do. I’ve lived on my own once, while I was in university. It was an apartment style, so I have some kitchen stuff, but it wasn’t exactly a grown-up atmosphere. Our kitchen table was used more for beer pong than actual eating, and the furniture was already there so I have none left over. This time M and I are going to live like adults, and we’ve already started planning our decorating. However, we’re both on a seriously tight budget. I’m going blind into this whole experience, and my planning tendencies are kicking into overdrive lately. Luckily, my mom is helping me out a LOT. She’s giving me a dresser, a bed (with an actual headboard!), and she’s buying us a table and chairs, pictured below (and tried out in person at Ikea, and we love it).


We’re allowed to paint and hang pictures, so we’ll be going with a beige for the common areas. I have no idea what I’ll do in my room yet. I was thinking of a lavender, but I don’t want to be painting every time I redecorate.

Our list of things we need to figure out in the next 34 days is as follows:

1. Make sure we do inventory and recheck our list so we have EVERYTHING we need.

2. Packing logistics (ugh).

3. How is food shopping split? Do we just buy our essentials together and go back later for whatever we want for ourselves?

4. Budgeting for food and making sure we save as much money on electricity as possible.

5. Getting paint and deciding when we’re doing that.

6. Since we move on a Sunday, figuring out if I can take the Monday off to help unpack and organize.

7. Figure out how mutual bills are paid.

This is on top of work, school, etc. Fun, fun, fun.

Is there anything else I’m forgetting that I’ll need to do? I’m so out of my element right now, it’s crazy.


4 responses to “Oh so close, and yet so far

  1. Congrats again. My parents also bought us a table from Ikea when we first moved into our current apartment. Haha.

    Food can get tricky but saving on electric is pretty easy to do if everyone participates.

  2. apartmenttherapy.com can give you some good decorating ideas. Ask friends if they have anything they want to get rid of that they don’t need. (you might get some good kitchen stuff out of that one). Remember to just breathe and not get overwhelmed. It will get done it its own time!

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