First full day of summer, baby!

I plan on spending a lot of time here this summer.

Although my summers have changed drastically since I graduated high school in 2009, I still get excited every time temperatures creep above 25 (Celsius in good old Canadia). Up here in Toronto, summer is coming in like a lion- yesterday it felt like 109 Fahrenheit with the humidity. That’s why I find it hilarious when people think Canada’s always cold; our summers are just as harsh as in the US.

Either way, summer has always been a magical time for me, whether there’s three months of vacation or not. Every year I plan to have the BEST SUMMER EVER, and this year will be no different. My friend over at Budget & the Beach posted some questions that she is asking herself this week to prepare for summer, and I thought they were really thought-provoking. They originally appeared on Mind Body Green.

How has the start of summer made you thirsty for your greatest happiness?

I love warm weather. Come on, I live in Canada- when we hear stories about schools shutting down in some states because of three inches of snow, we laugh hysterically. 14 Fahrenheit to me is slightly chilly. When the sun comes out and I can finally wear a tank top without a sweater, something in me lights up. I actually want to get up and do things- you won’t catch me exercising much in the winter, but in the summer I’ll go on a 6 mile bike ride and not bat an eyelash. Instead of holing myself up in my house, the warmth and sunlight gets me out and moving.
What new steps are you taking that are really important to you?

I’m taking the steps to be a lot more organized and work more efficiently, which gives me more time to do things for myself. Even if I don’t get everything accomplished that I had hoped, lately I have forced myself to take at least one hour a day to just exist and do whatever I want. I’m also trying to be a lot healthier, because if I take care of my body it will take care of me.
What are you nurturing that really matters to you?

Lately I’m nurturing my self-esteem in numerous ways. I often don’t really like myself for various reasons, so I’ve been attempting to eat healthier, dress well, treat myself to (cheap) haircuts, and take care of my appearance. I’m also taking the time to really try to excel at anything I do, because that helps my self-esteem as well.
What are you doing to stay creative? 

Obviously this blog helps. I’m a little rusty with my writing (I’m an accounting clerk, gimme a break), so I’ve been taking the chance to hone my skills back up seriously. I also had a CRAZY idea for a novel yesterday, and I’ve been tinkering with the details of that in my head. I might write it all out just for practice, because even with all my accounting plans,  I’ve always known I want to be a writer. Really, I’ve always known that. With every career change I thought about when I was a kid, I planned to write about it.  I’d say “I’m going to be a vet- and then write a book about being a vet!”, or “I’m going to be the lead in Riverdance- and then write a book about being the lead in Riverdance!” I kid you not, I did that.
What are you excited about right now?

I’m excited about my upcoming move, picking my classes for next semester in July, spending time with my friends this summer- I’m excited about a lot, to be honest.
Where are you growing?

I’m growing intellectually and emotionally. With every day that goes by, I feel like a better me.
What 3 things are you fired up to do this summer?

I’m fired up to finally move, see The Tragically Hip and Death Cab for Cutie in concert on June 30th, and have new experiences with my loved ones.
What role does imagination have in your life?

Imagination is all I have, and it’s what gets me through. I dream about what I can accomplish, and I know I can do as much as I put my mind to doing.

Those are really great questions, and they’ve made me even more excited to start the season off right!

Tonight I’ll be doing one thing, and one thing only- sitting on my porch with a good book, watching the sun set on the beginning of another glorious summer, brimming with opportunities to seize.

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful day!


2 responses to “First full day of summer, baby!

  1. Yes Canada can get hot…I’ve witnessed it! Hope you reach all your goals this summer and get to enjoy yourself, especially after this move is all settled!

  2. I’m definitely looking forward to August- by then we should be settled and ready to have some fun.

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