Jumping on the bandwagon of 20 things about me

This is me, circa 1994. Even then I had a pretty good idea that duck ponchos weren’t in style.

This week I’ve seen a few blogs such as Making Sense of Cents and Budget & the Beach posting 20 random things about themselves, and since I lack anything more interesting to say today I figured I’d jump in on that as well.

1. Pregnancy jokes aside, I actually enjoy eating candy cane ice cream with dill pickles. Seriously.

2. Speaking of ice cream, my great-grandfather invented heavenly hash.

3. My favourite movie changes all the time, but it usually fluctuates between Gone With the Wind, Dazed and Confused, and Pulp Fiction.

4. I played volleyball and lacrosse in middle school, but I hated sports in high school.

5. I used to play guitar, but I only knew about 20 chords.

6. I went on a trip when I was 16 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. We travelled through London, Belgium, and France.

7. Last autumn my dad married his long-time girlfriend, who lives in Cuba. I’ve never met her, or her three daughters.

8. I was a second mom to my brother and sister until I moved away at 18.

9. I love Sidney Crosby with a passion. Yum.

10. I’m friends with all of my exes, no matter what.

11. I went to bible camp for two weeks every summer for 9 years.

12. I love Drake, he’s my favourite artist right now.

13. I have 500 books, easily, that I won’t throw out or give away no matter what. It makes moving quite interesting.

14. I’ve never been one to buy a lot of clothes, because I always plan to wait until I lose some weight- which I never do.

15. I saw Justin Bieber live in 2009, and it literally took a song and a half before we realized it was a guy singing. We went for a festival, and he just happened to be performing- this was way before he got really famous though. I believe Akon was the headliner that night.

16. I get up and start my days so quickly because if I’m given the chance, I’ll sit at home and watch netflix all day long. If I don’t keep going, I lose ALL motivation.

17. I’ve never played beer pong and I turn down every opportunity to do so. I know I’d lose terribly, and I don’t know if I still have the alcohol tolerance to handle a total annihilation.

18. Even though I love my job, I hate my accounting classes. They’re so dry. I much prefer learning any other sector of business.

19. I love mirrors. If there’s a mirror, a window, or anything reflective near me, I stare at myself. I’m probably a border-line narcissist.

20. I actually don’t really like the city I’m moving to next month, but apartments in my town are scarce and the ones that exist are beyond our budget.

Do I have anything in common with anyone?


9 responses to “Jumping on the bandwagon of 20 things about me

  1. I really wish I would have learned to play guitar or some other instrument and stuck with it. I knew how to play the clarinet for something like 20 weeks in middle school, and now I don’t know how to read music. 😦 Justin Beiber…girls are going to look back and think, WTF did I ever see in him? I think he’s a punk…I really do. Can’t STAND him. LOL…don’t sugar coat it. 🙂

  2. We have a lot in common. Number 19 really resonated with me. I LOVE my figure when it’s reflected on the side of a parked car. I feel so voluptuous sometimes I can’t help but stop and stare at myself–even if it means I’m peering into a strangers vehicle.

  3. We are very similar! I used to really not like Justin Beiber, but I really LOVE Boyfriend.

  4. 20 chords isn’t bad, considering most songs are written with 3 or 4! You should take it up again!

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