How’s your time budget?

This is a call for coffee and sleep. My synapses aren’t firing properly. My days are never-ending and full of suffering. I can’t feel my fingers because I’ve been typing so much.

Last night in economics my professor went on for an hour about random things that had nothing to do with our coursework (wasting my time), so in between rolling my eyes and pointedly glancing at the clock, I went through my coursework and figured out all my due dates in an attempt to schedule my assignments. I have no idea when I’ll be getting all of this done. I will probably have to just not sleep until August.

Operations I

  • Assignment due July 16th
  • Test 2 on July 16th
  • Final exam on July 30th

Management Info Systems

  • Mid-term exam, July 4th
  • Assignments due July 12th and 19th, and August 2nd and 9th
  • Major Assignment due July 26th
  • Final exam week of August 10th-17th (have to schedule to write)

Economics I

  • Case study due July 9th
  • Other assignment due July 9th
  • Case study, due date TBD
  • Test 2 on July 17th
  • Final exam August 7th

Just in the week following my move on July 15th, I have two tests and an assignment due. The tests are on consecutive days right after the move.

Thank god I’m so kick-ass at my job, because I’ve pretty much done all I can for the month of June- now I just sit back and watch the money roll in. For the most part, when I’m done with my calls or have no paperwork to do after 4:00 (accountants tend to leave early or refuse to take my calls late in the workday), my supervisor allows me to work on my coursework. As a result, I’m hoping that today I’ll be able to knock as many assignments off my list as possible to free up time later for studying.

So since we’re personal finance aficionados and we love budgets, I’m going to attempt to budget my time for a week.

This is how it looks:

There are 168 hours in a week.

Work: 40 hours

Sleep: 49 hours

Commute: 6.25 hours (half hour in the mornings, 45 minutes in the evenings, five days a week)

Class Time: 6 hours (two physical classes, three hours each)

Eating: 7 hours (about 20 minutes a meal, three meals a day, seven days)

Grooming: 7 hours (Half hour in the morning, half hour at night, though this is conservative; I like my winged eyeliner, don’t judge me!)

Isn’t it crazy how much time we spend doing the most basic things?

I was hoping to get my #pfworkout on at least twice a week and I won’t let myself justify missing that, so there’s another two hours gone.

Workout: 2 hours

All the basics add up to 157.25 hours. That’s before hanging out with friends, doing homework, working on my third online course, or anything else!

I only have 10 hours and 45 minutes of extra discretionary time in a week.

That is insane. With this workload on top of moving, I’ll be cutting wherever I can to make ends meet (sound familiar?).

That doesn’t leave all that much time for blogging, so I might be a bit MIA for a little while. I’ll be spending tonight working on some pre-scheduled posts if possible, and I will definitely be posting my payments every second Friday. I’m hoping to never go more than three days without a post- we’ll see how it goes! I have 3 or 4 ideas for posts that will fit anywhere I’d need them, so I might just be okay until my “vacation” starts in the middle of August.

How does your time get budgeted?


6 responses to “How’s your time budget?

  1. I never thought about it this way. You’ve prompted me to make a time budget of my own!

    • It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it? When you think about it, time is money. God knows how much I’ve wasted over the years not being productive with the ample time I had. Now I can’t blow off even 5 minutes without feeling guilty for wasting time.

      Thanks for dropping in!

  2. Wow that’s crazy! I guess I’m lucky enough not to have to budget my time in such a manor. Thank god I can at least do that, since I’m pretty terrible right now and managing my normal budget.

    Just a suggestion though. I think you are going to go crazy if you plan everything down to the minute. Maybe instead just prioritize each day. Break it into smaller chunks so it feels easier to manage?

  3. That is the most insane thing I have ever seen actually written down! I never thought to break my time down like that and if I had done that in college I probably would have cried myself to sleep!

    I don’t really budget my time much right now since my world revolves around my new baby’s schedule (someday I’m told he will sleep “all night”). In the past I just did as much as I could and took brief power naps to keep going (my last year of college didn’t involve much sleep due to my design project that took the entire year to get done on top of my regular class load).

    I agree with Budget and the Beach, I think breaking it down this much would lead one to go insane.

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  5. I just finished a final…and then I only have one more summer class! So my time budget just got a little easier. I’m boring, but Saturdays are my homework days, mid week is when I get home/organizational stuff done, and the rest is spent with family or at school.

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