Working on the Side Hustle

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I could make more money. I don’t necessarily need it as I’ve locked my budget down, but how awesome would it be to put an extra $200 towards my debt or savings every month? Every little bit counts.

I would definitely get a second job, if that was a possibility for me. I used to have a second job working around 20 hours a week before I started college again, and it wasn’t a problem. The issue is that my schedule is pretty intense, and it switches around every four months. That doesn’t exactly make me a prime candidate for shift work. Every part time ad I’ve seen has been looking for people with flexible schedules, and I don’t have that qualification.

A few months ago I put up an ad offering myself as extra help for anything on the weekends, and all I got were recruiters for ponzi schemes and one misguided gentleman who wanted to photograph me nude. So, it’s looking like anything I do would have to be on a working at home basis- and that’s where I get stuck.

I hate mystery shopping, with a passion. I get paranoid that everyone knows what I’m doing. That’s out.  Other than that, I’m not sure what else I could do on the internet.

I guess I’ll have to keep my eyes out for babysitting jobs, asking my family to pay me if I’m watching the dogs (especially since I will no longer be living rent free with them), and other miscellaneous things I could get paid for.

How do you increase your side hustle cash?


5 responses to “Working on the Side Hustle

  1. I’m really starting to hate mystery shopping also. It’s annoying and not really worth the money. I’m thinking of maybe doing bartending once I graduate so that I can pay off my loans sooner.

  2. I can’t do shiftwork either because of school. Of course, I also have a child so that complicates matters further. Day care’s just too dang expensive. It’s more efficient for me to stay home than it would have been to continue working my previous job.

  3. Just found your blog! I’ve bee doing the same.. now that I have my budget in place all I think about is how can I make more! LOL! It’s become more of fun game for me! 🙂

  4. I know what you mean. I’m working on possibly moving my blog over to being self-hosted so I can add some ads. I need to work on this too, because right now I have no freelancing jobs on the books. And even if I do, I’m anxious to make more so I’m not always feeling panicked.

  5. I have been a bouncer, a bartender and a weekend short order cook as side jobs. Then I realized I hate being up late (when I am not the one who is a little tipsy) and I have getting up early. So I quit those jobs. To me, my time was worth more than the little amounts I was making.

    The only consistent side hustle I do is income taxes for people. The money is good and the hours are easy and in some sick way I actually enjoy doing it.

    There is a fine balance between work and free time. I highly value my free time, so getting a second job doesn’t come easy.

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