Murphy’s Law

Everything that could go wrong this week has gone wrong.

Moving day is close at hand, so M called the property manager for our building. Somehow, we have to move in Saturday rather than Sunday. That means all my careful planning and packing to avoid a time crunch didn’t matter, because I lost my only remaining full day anyway. The elevator is booked for 9:00 AM. Great, we’ll obviously be noisy and piss off our new neighbours right off the bat.

We also had a furniture mishap. I told my mom that she should at least give me the money to pick up the beautiful table I wanted ahead of time, but she insisted that it would be fine and to stop bugging her. Lo and behold, guess what’s out of stock at every Ikea in Ontario? Guess whose fault this somehow is? I jumped on kijiji after finding nothing at Ikea or Walmart. I found the exact table and chairs I wanted USED, for $100 cheaper. While doing a mental happy dance, I called the woman and made an appointment to go see and buy the dining set. Then while I was in class last night, she called back and left a voicemail that her husband had already sold it. I was heartbroken.

But wait, there’s more!

The property manager wanted us to go sign the lease and pick up the keys tonight, but because the floors were just re-done we can’t go see it until after that. I obviously refused to sign anything without doing a thorough inspection of the actual unit first, so she conceded and changed it to Thursday at 5, meaning I had to ask if I could take off from work early. Then this morning she calls M saying that she has to reschedule again, and we can only do it Friday morning after 9. By this point I was severely annoyed.This was getting more and more unprofessional by the second. I was planning on taking Monday off to unpack anyway, so I went to my mom and asked her if I could switch my vacation days so that I could pack everything up and sign the lease on Friday. Not only was I not able to because she is already taking the day off, she insists that I never told her I was planning on taking Monday off anyway. Um, yes I did, considering I need approval from both my supervisor and management before taking vacation, but I digress on that. However, I am able to show up to work late. I told M to make the appointment, but to let the property manager know that there was no way it was changing again. This appointment is firm.

I basically have 15 hours to accomplish what I had originally scheduled for 30 hours. On top of this, I have a test Monday night. The only good thing about this week so far is that my economics test has been pushed back a week.

I just have to keep telling myself that in 3 days, all of this will be over and done with, and it’s back to business as usual.


2 responses to “Murphy’s Law

  1. Ugh, that sucks when everything happens at once and it’s a crazy hectic schedule. One step at a time…you’ll get through it! Looking forward to hearing about your new place!

    • I’ve definitely noticed a pattern in my life. I can go weeks without a serious issue coming up. When problems crop up, it’s never just one. It’s three or four, at the same time. It used to be my fault most of the time, but lately I’ve been so proactive that the problems are caused by other people’s procrastination and subjective way of doing things.

      There’s nothing I can really do about other people though, so it’s good that I adapt easily. I can’t wait to post pictures!

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