My Move-in Budget

This is technically a couple weeks late, but I just hammered in the last details today. It doesn’t come into effect until tomorrow. I decided that I can get back into properly budgeting now that I’ll be getting back into a routine. For my last few paychecks, the entire amount allocated to expenses, savings and debt. I haven’t spent more than $50 on myself since the beginning on June, and it was necessary.

According to this budget, if I’m careful I’ll only be spending 53% of my income. The other 47% will be split between a little savings towards an emergency fund, and annihilating my debt.

My roommate is a superstar and got us a great rate for satellite and internet, which is being installed on Saturday morning. I’ve decided to cancel my Netflix, since we’re paying for satellite now. I was cool to go without TV, but M has a contract that we have to continue or pay a hefty termination fee- if we’re buying, we at least want something in return. To her credit, she did a LOT of shaving off of her channel list to cut down our expenses. I’ll still stream the occasional episode of Degrassi, but I won’t really need Netflix anymore, so why keep it?

As another plus, since my first 6 weeks of rent is already paid in full, I’ll have an extra $437.50 going towards my credit card debt this month. That puts me on track to be completely paid off by July 26th. If that doesn’t happen for whatever reason, I’ll definitely be debt free by August 16th, a month and a half ahead of schedule.


The day my debt is paid, all you will see is a plethora of caps-lock ridden tweets on my twitter, and one youtube video posted here. That is a promise.


4 responses to “My Move-in Budget

  1. Congrats! You’re almost there!!!

  2. Eek, you’re so close! Stay focused in these final few weeks and you’ll be laughing. Good budget, btw! But how do you eat for so cheap? I’m jealous 🙂

    • Thanks Cait! I’m so excited to just throw off the shackles and have my money for my own use again.

      My roommate and I are both starting a new diet Monday through her doctor that only really allows for lean meats and vegetables. Her mom is also giving us a bunch of her frozen meat, so the first few weeks we’ll only need to buy veggies. It’ll be a stretch after July, but I’m adamant to only spend $100 each. It can and will be done!

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