Debt Hangover

The last couple of weeks I was so relieved to not have any debt, that I completely forgot that I was supposed to be controlling my spending.

Don’t worry. I didn’t get back into debt. I did, however, get lazy, spent too much on eating out, and didn’t save much.

I really think I should give myself a bit of a break from the PF save craze. Not stop completely, obviously- that would be going backward. However, I’ve been limiting myself to essentials since March. I have highlights grown down to my ears and ratty old clothes that need to be replaced. I also need new contact lenses, work shoes, to pay my step-dad back for my share of my mom’s birthday present, and to fix my phone screen- it has been shattered since April, and I’m starting to be able to shake shards loose. Basically, I need to shake off this hangover left from my debt and realize that IT’S OKAY TO SPEND MONEY AS LONG AS I HAVE IT. I’ll continue to make good choices, but I realized I was starting to hyperfocus on my net worth, which is never healthy.

That being said, I will still post- just not quite as often, because there’s less to say. For 2 years my life was all wrapped up into the fact that I had this consumer debt on my back. I guess I need to figure out who I am without the debt before I can move on from it!

So, I’ll post here maybe once a week, I’m still on twitter, and I’m also contributing over at Chic Darling as their book reviewer. I’m hoping to be back going strong once I’ve had a little vacation time.

Sayonara for now!


5 responses to “Debt Hangover

  1. Lazy definitely = spending lots of money on stuff I wouldn’t otherwise for me!

  2. I definitely went through something similar, after paying off my credit card debt. While, yes, I still have a couple small loans to pay off, I’m no longer in a position where I feel the need to watch every penny or live off only the essentials. Continue to watch your spending and pay attention to how you feel about each purchase. Enjoy your life but know that it’s important to save for your future. Good luck!

  3. Congrats on paying off the debt ! I do think you should give yourself a bit of a break, just a still-responsible one. 🙂 Enjoy !

  4. americandebtproject

    Good job being debt free!!! I know what you are saying and hope to get there one day soon and share in this debt hangover.

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