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More Money, A Different Attitude

Gertie’s got some lifestyle inflation problems.

Remember how I got promoted, but I thought I’d have to wait until January to find out what my raise would look like?

I was told a few days ago that starting from my next paycheque, I’ll have a 17% raise in income. That’s before taxes, but it still REALLY helps me breathe easier. It comes out to around $150 extra every two weeks after taxes, which will raise my comfort level considerably. My budget has been going pretty well, but of course everything always costs more than you think it will initially. I’ve had to take care of various expenses such as getting my eyes checked, the dentist, getting new contacts next week, my last pair of jeans dying a hero’s death, buying a Swiffer because our mop and broom weren’t cutting it with the dog hair, etc. These little things eat up a lot of what I’d be putting towards savings. At least it isn’t just going onto the credit card (well, it is, because I get air miles, but it’s paid off in full monthly). Unfortunately lately I’ve been learning that putting off expenses just leads to a lot of money being spent all at once- ick. From now on I’m going to attempt to take care of these little things as soon as they come to my attention.

I’ve really noticed a change in my attitude towards money since I became debt-free. I’m waiting on a cheque from my insurance company for their share of my optometrist bill, and they’re really taking their sweet time about getting my $75.00 back to me. Although I’d like to have it ASAP, I’m not depending on that money to survive. When I was in debt, I would’ve been on the phone with them everyday complaining about how long it’s taking. Now I’m able to cover these expenses and it’s not breaking my bank. This is a huge milestone for me, and I’m loving every second of it.

All I care about right now is not paying interest, and getting all of my loose ends under control so I can start fresh again. I’ve been so busy at work lately because I’m straddling both sides of the accounting department until we have time to hire someone new. I’ve also started school again, and my social media class has been pretty interesting. My homework for this week? I had to make a blog. It was the easiest assignment I’ve ever done in my life.

I have another update as well. Long-time readers might remember Jay, who I was dating earlier this year and broke up with in March. I’m really happy to be able to tell you guys that through some connections, Jay is now working full-time.  I’m so proud of him and I’m happy that he’s finally being given a chance to work- that’s all he’s ever asked for.

Jay’s been over at my place a lot since I moved because we’ve stayed extremely good friends over the past few months. I won’t pretend there aren’t still sparks; we still love each other and neither of us has had any desire to start up with someone new over the past 6 months. He has also stopped talking about how he needs to make more than his future wife, which was a concern for me. Right now we’re both trying to focus on our individual goals, and navigating a serious relationship would be a distraction at the moment. Maybe in a few months or a few years, when we’re established, we might get back together 100%. Or we might not. Who knows? That’s the beauty of being in your early 20s- you have the freedom to change your mind so easily.

How has everyone else been the past couple of weeks?


Moving Up in the World!

Last week (as I’m sure you’ve heard from my drunken twitter tirade Saturday night), my co-worker told me that he had given his two weeks notice to my manager. Although I wasn’t really surprised and I was happy for him, it was a little saddening. He has been here from the beginning of my stint in the finance department, and he helped me out quite a bit at the beginning when I had 1 week of training and next to nothing as far as customer relations experience, let alone accounting knowledge. It’s the end of an era, as they say.

Before I even had time to wonder who I’d end up working with, my manager called me into the board room. I’ve been offered the Accounts Payable position, starting from my co-worker’s departure. I’m ecstatic. I’ve pulled myself rung by rung up the ladder from sorting product, to production paperwork, to being responsible for our money coming in, and now finally to paying out our funds- all in less than 2 1/2 years. I was given the opportunities, but I would have never gotten this far if I wasn’t good at what I do and passionate about my job. Plus, I’m being given opportunities to get involved in HR and purchasing as well. I’m able to take a shot at a lot of things to see what I enjoy, and that’s one reason that I really appreciate working for family. They expect a lot out of me and I’m more than happy to deliver.

Now, I don’t know if there will be a change in compensation. If there is, it wouldn’t come into place until the beginning of January. This isn’t really new- for the first 2 months in Accounts Receivable I was still working on an hourly basis for minimum wage. I actually think it’s a good system; it gives me a month to get acclimated, and a month to start kicking ass and look good for my performance review.

I know that I could still do my current job effectively at the same time as the new one, and I’d love to keep doing that; however, the question comes up of who covers for me when I’m gone? Traditionally, A/R covers for A/P and vice versa. I’m also a little bummed that I got pulled off the inventory data inputting for this month, because there’s so much else I have to do regarding getting the Receivables taken care of, training for Payables, and starting school this week.

Unfortunately all of this means that, once again, I have to put the blog on the back burner. I wanted to have all of this situated by the beginning of September, but it’s really not my month for organization apparently. There’s so many exciting, crazy awesome things going on at the moment that in the interest of quality posts, I have to keep them down to one every week and a half or so.

I’m still reading, and I’m still rooting all of you on from the sidelines! Just give me a few more weeks to walk off these growing pains and I’ll be back in the game.

This Week’s Grocery Trip

Since I moved to Oshawa I’ve been shopping at the Superstore and No Frills. This morning I was running out of food, and I’m running out of money since I just paid my rent, power bill, and cable/internet/phone bill- I had some unexpected expenses throughout August. I had about $75 to last me until I get paid on Friday. I was a little worried so I decided to try out a grocery store one of my friends told me abou that was supposed to be cheaper.

Man, did I ever score compared to what I was paying before.

3x Schneiders Smoke Turkey Breast 125g (0.67 each) – $2.00

2x Lunchables Chicken Nuggets (0.50 each) – $1.00

2x 2L Coca Cola ($2.00 each) – $4.00

Dempster’s Enriched Bread – $1.77

Box of Apple Jacks 345g – $0.99

Parmesan cheese – $2.99

Schneider sausages – $0.99

2x Mac and cheese (0.50 each) – $1.00

Cinnabon bars – $0.99

3x Sidekicks (0.67 each) – $2.00

2x packages of Spaghettini (0.99 each) – $1.98

Hot dog buns – $1.59

Bananas – $0.92

Toilet paper – $0.99

Paper towels – $0.88

Chicken rings – $2.99

Chicken leg quarters – $2.30

With HST I only paid $30.14 to feed myself for another couple of weeks. I’ve definitely found my new grocery store!

How do you save on your grocery bill? Do you have a specific store you frequent for good prices, or do you coupon and stock up?