This Week’s Grocery Trip

Since I moved to Oshawa I’ve been shopping at the Superstore and No Frills. This morning I was running out of food, and I’m running out of money since I just paid my rent, power bill, and cable/internet/phone bill- I had some unexpected expenses throughout August. I had about $75 to last me until I get paid on Friday. I was a little worried so I decided to try out a grocery store one of my friends told me abou that was supposed to be cheaper.

Man, did I ever score compared to what I was paying before.

3x Schneiders Smoke Turkey Breast 125g (0.67 each) – $2.00

2x Lunchables Chicken Nuggets (0.50 each) – $1.00

2x 2L Coca Cola ($2.00 each) – $4.00

Dempster’s Enriched Bread – $1.77

Box of Apple Jacks 345g – $0.99

Parmesan cheese – $2.99

Schneider sausages – $0.99

2x Mac and cheese (0.50 each) – $1.00

Cinnabon bars – $0.99

3x Sidekicks (0.67 each) – $2.00

2x packages of Spaghettini (0.99 each) – $1.98

Hot dog buns – $1.59

Bananas – $0.92

Toilet paper – $0.99

Paper towels – $0.88

Chicken rings – $2.99

Chicken leg quarters – $2.30

With HST I only paid $30.14 to feed myself for another couple of weeks. I’ve definitely found my new grocery store!

How do you save on your grocery bill? Do you have a specific store you frequent for good prices, or do you coupon and stock up?


4 responses to “This Week’s Grocery Trip

  1. When I had to really count my pennies, I shopped at “Dad’s pantry”

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