Month From Hell

Well my friends, I really had a tough month this October. I’d actually say this may be one of the worst months of my life.

On the home front, I’m having to sublease and move out of my apartment. Things with M are NOT working out. I won’t go into detail for now, because I haven’t tied up the loose ends with it and nothing is finalized. However, I’m back to square one with nothing to show for it. At work, it has been hell. I realized early on that I can’t do both my new job and my old one. Both positions are suffering because there’s just too much to do in a day. I pointed this out numerous times, but the timeline for getting someone for my old job just keeps getting pushed back. There have also been a lot of issues that were hidden that I’m just finding now while taking over. Last I heard I wasn’t getting someone else until January. January! Now I’m seeing that there’s been movements to hire someone for AP and put me back in AR. So what was the point of training me for a month and a half if someone else ends up there anyway? I’m so confused as to how to handle this. I can’t prove myself anymore than I already have. I can’t do anything more than I’ve already been doing. There are not enough hours in a day to get this problem under control without some help. I feel like I’ve been set up to fail.

But I’ve asked for help. I’ve outlined my concerns. My problem is that I want to keep my work strong and I just can’t do that the way things are. It seems like no one is listening to me- I get a pat on the head and a “Nice try Meghan, just get it done”. I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this before I snap.

My only saving grace is Jay. These days I feel like he is the only person who supports me 100% with no arguments made. He never makes me feel like all of this is somehow my fault. He does everything he can to keep me on my feet without hesitation. Thank god for him.
ANYWAYS, enough about my problems. I just wanted to give an update and get some things off my chest. How is everyone else?



One response to “Month From Hell

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that it’s been a rough month. Ugh moving again so soon must be so stressful. I’m glad you found some support in Jay, and all I can say is hang in there and do your best. I know, people gave me that advice all the time and it’s like, “thanks a lot!” I’ll send good thoughts your way!

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