The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

HAHAHAHAHA…. just kidding. I don’t like this time of year.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Christmas time. As in, December 24th and 25th.

What I don’t enjoy is Christmas music in November, spending money on gifts, exam season, the traffic, the crowds at the mall, having to wrap presents because I seriously suck at it… I could go on and on for hours.

I’m stressed as it is anyway with the impending move and school, let alone having to shop. I already know what I’m getting most people, so I’m hoping to emerge from the holidays relatively unscathed, only spending about $400. The worst part is the actual choice involved with shopping- I don’t want to waste money on something that someone doesn’t like.

I’ve already spent $225 and knocked 8 people off the list. I’ve bought for my brother, my sister, my step-dad, my aunt and uncle, their two boys, and my pseudo-nephew. Can I just say right now that all my pregnant friends are having boys and I want to buy girl stuff? It’s like in those Sims games when there’s too many guys in a neighbourhood and the game responds by shooting out girls to even the playing field.

All I have left is my mom, my grandfather, and Jay. Those are the hardest 3. My mom and my grandfather are the kind of people who buy whatever they decide they want or need. My mom I could get a gift card for Chapters and she’d be happy, so I’m good there.

My grandfather is a bit trickier. He’s a coin collector, and he has a contact at the Mint who he orders from exclusively. I knew last year I should get him a coin. Unfortunately, I had no idea what he had or what he had on order. I had to sneak a phone call to his contact and ask her to order something under $100 that he hadn’t bought yet- and even stop him from ordering it if necessary. It worked like a charm, but I’m on a stricter budget this year.  I’m thinking a DVD because he loves movies. Now it’s down to which one.

This year I told Jay we shouldn’t get each other anything so we could save, but I knew from the beginning that he didn’t listen to me (and he admitted to it). Maybe I’ll get him some pants that actually fit, or really nice work boots since he’s still working with boots that are 2 sizes too small. He’s working a LOT now so he hasn’t had time to go get a new pair. The only danger to that is that he could easily go buy some before Christmas. It’s either that or I’ll give up and get him a card for EB Games. I’d buy him an actual game, but he has banned me from picking his video games since the time we were looking together for a specific one and I suggested one with a similar premise because it was $30 cheaper. Apparently, quality reigns over value where that’s concerned. It’s his money, and he’s smart with it otherwise so I stay quiet.

How has your Christmas shopping gone so far? Have you started, or are you a 11th hour consumer?


6 responses to “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. I really don’t spend much on Christmas. Usually cards for my family, and if I buy a toy for toys for tots or something. We are all older now and I have a small family, so it’s the one time of year that I have an “advantage” over most people.

  2. I’m done with the Boy’s present, but no one elses. I need to start working on it! And I actually LOVE Christmas, mainly only for the decorations ( I Love Christmas lights).

  3. Living Debt Free Rocks!

    I began shopping for Christmas since this evening online but I still can’t figure out what to get my husband…ARGH!

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